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Valley Braille Service's home office is in Mesqui4te, Nevada. Although a relatively small company, we can meet your every braille need. We have completed work for every conceivable size and type of company nationwide. From small enterprises to large, high profile organizations such as The Bellagio Hotel, to world-renowned entertainers like Ray Charles.

Our founder, President and CEO, Richard Dortch, has more than 17 years of braille experience. Fully certified by the Library of Congress, Mr. Dortch started the company with several goals in mind: to provide accurate, affordable and professional services, and to make a difference in the quality of life for the visually impaired. He is a member of numerous local and national organizations, including CETVH, the American Council for the Blind, the Nevada Council of the Blind, the National Braille Association, and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

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Valley Braille Service, Inc. is your one-stop source for braille books, braille music, braille menus, Nemeth math braille, braille sheet music, braille transcription and braille translation. We inventory a large selection of braille publications and are proud to be of service to the blind and vision impaired communities.

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